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This service is for hospitals that find it hard to occupy a hospital administrator who can do all the administration work. It is really tough for the physicians and surgeons who own a hospital (upto 40 beds) to have a dedicated personnel for management. Monitoring of the expenses and finding out cost efficient alternatives is an area which when addressed properly can save a huge amount of money. We ensure there is minimum wastage of the stock that reduces economical losses. 

The concept of outsourcing hospital administrator  has been designed for hospitals owned by doctors themselves who cannot devote time from the busy clinical schedule and neither have the budget to hire a full time administrator. 

We oversee the quality and regulatory compliance – mark any deviation and do root cause analysis. We also oversee human resource policies and compliance.  We advocate corrective measures to calibrate back to the compliance from the deviation.

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Connect To The Digital World

digital marketing solutions

We know how difficult it is to deliver healthcare service get results and advertise your accomplishments due to ethical and legal issues.

Hospizellenz is founded by healthcare professional to help other healthcare professionals who have a very busy schedule and cannot devote time for branding and marketing activities.

Healthcare Branding

Branding Through Digital Marketing

According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the total number of internet subcribers in India has reached 74,90,70,000 at the end of June 2020. Now when the figures are known, the potential internet is having in marketing your services and generating leads can be measured approximately. Being off the internet means you have a good chance of missing out a valuable market share and growth. Not accepting the current trend can put a glass ceiling between you and your dreams. One small investment can link you with this consumer base. 

Hospizellenz helps you to identify your target market and build a master plan for marketing your services digitally. Our services are exclusively for doctors and hospitals.

branding through digital marketing

Why Digital Marketing For Healthcare Professionals?

If you want to connect to the current and future consumers this is the perfect time to mark your presence on the internet.

Digital platforms are free of geographical barriers. A small business can target audience with specific demographics, geographical locations with the help of google advertisements, facebook posts, and other social platforms.

Leads are the people interested in your product who is looking on the internet for a service provided by that service provider.
Digital marketing can reach more consumer and save money on traditional marketing. 


Healthcare Branding

Digital Marketing For Clinics

Done in a customized way by integrating various platforms and services available on the internet. Only posting your achievements on facebook and instagram will give a very small boost to your practice as your Achievements stay CONFINED. Advertising beyond your friends group reahes maximum number of audience. Write a message to us for our Digital marketing for doctor services

Digital Marketing For Hospitals

Uniquely designed to fit the requirements of your organisation. We customize branding and patient engagement that suits your patients the best. The milestones of your organisation reach to your consumers and that can help you standout from the rest.

Digital Marketing For Diagnostic Centers

Find out what are your strengths and how can we help you to connect with you potential consumers in targeted areas. Digital Marketing for Diagnostic Centers has a unique approach which has to be blended with traditional way of marketing. 

Digital Marketing For Specialized Care

As the service consumers for specialized care are niche so are the competitors and it is challenging to highlight and target the right audience. We do brand management for specialized healthcare services. Especially the services which you master in.

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