Two Ways Of Search Engine Marketing

SEO – Search engine optimization

This is the organic way of digital marketing for clinics and hospitals to get traffic to your website. It has potential to convert leads into consumers. Ranking higher up in the search engine page results is  considered as a front door for the business. The new companies struggle to get on the first page of search results unless they have any uniqueness in their product. As soon as companies which are dwelling on the first page of SERP take their eyes of SEO. The competitors may overtake and move ahead on the page. Initially the best way to direct traffic to the website is by optimizing web page. Slight changes made in the activity of optimization can cost your ranking and there is a very good possibility of losing new potential consumers. It is said that Google has around 250 ranking factors but no one outside the company knows which elements have more value.

The two well known elements of search engine optimization are placement of keywords page in the on page and off page optimization through various methods. The search engines are constantly working to match the searchers keywords with the exact keywords in the indexed pages. On the other hand , creating backlink on  different websites is another way of ranking website in the search engine. You have to be careful while generating backlinks as Google  algorithms can detect black hat activities and that can affect current ranking.

SEM – Search engine marketing

In this method the website is ranked higher up inorganically to encourage searchers to click on the link. These are paid techniques. It is a suitable technique for generating awareness about awareness about your product or service. Search engine marketing is an effective way of competing with people who have their website ranking higher up organically. It helps to gain  small quick wins of acquiring patients but these are often short term projects. Search engine marketing for healthcare will help the healthcare industry to diverts new patients to the website. Two different methods are  used in SEM- cost per click and cost per mille.

Search engine marketing helps in gaining position in SERP of mostly used search engine. One of its feature – display network advertisement can be use for  promotion and awareness about the brand. The CPC or CPM advertisements are to be set through Google Ads. After search it has been seen that the clicks obtained through SEM are more than social media advertisements.

If you have noticed we generally go to search engine for getting accurate results for our search. So, marketing on search   engine is profitable in a way as we get quality clicks.  Selection of keywords is important in achieving good results from search engine marketing.

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