Target Marketing

Target marketing is focusing on those consumers who have potential to turn into your consumer. Lets discuss 2 of the three basic concepts of marketing.


 A well defined portion of a market is segmentation. This group have similar liking.

Two groups in segmentation

  • Demographic, geographic and psycho graphic Segmentation.
  • Behavioral –  how do the consumer respond to the benefits of any products , its usability

Geographic segmentation

The segmentation is  done on the basis of geographical boundaries , it depends on how a company wants to operate e.g. state, country ,city or neighborhood. Intimating marketing from grassroots level is always a good idea to penetrate the market focusing on specific audience always pays off well. There are different methods used for segmentation for instance PRIZM cluster. This is the technique used for targeting zip code wise population. Due to Google ads it is possible to target a particular zip code or area.

Segmentation based on demography

  • Age
  • Lofe cycle stage
  • Bender
  • Income
  • Generation
  • Culture

These are few different dimensions that has influence over decision making and this decides what they want in that particular stage. Thorough study can be done by marketers to understand the needs of these segments and then choose what segment they would like to acquire.

Segmentation based on behavior

  • knowledge of a product or service
  • How do they respond to a service
  • What motivates then to use a service


  • Needs and benefits –

Not everyone wanting a healthcare service has common needs. Some may want a have fall treatment someone might be looking for a permanent solution to allergy.

  • Roles of decision

Initiate influence decide and experience your service ,visit your setting ( clinics or hospital).

  • Repetition of taking service
  1. occasional user-for instance allergic asthma patient will visit OPD at the start of the spring and before rainy season. Another example is allergic rhinitis.
  2. Status of user

There are many types of users non users, ex- consumers, potential users, first time experiences and regular consumers. The marketers need to understand and work out how to rope in the potential users as well as work on understanding why the non-user have such attitude towards your service.

  • Usage rate –

This is the rate at which the users consumer your service

Readiness stage

The stage depends on the readiness of the patient to take your health services. The patient might be in any of the following state

  1. Unaware of your services.
  2. Aware of your service.
  • Some patients may have information about your service,
  1. Some patients are interested to try out the service your provide..
  2. Some patients want to look an appointment.


Targeting means identifying a concise group- a well defined group, it means hitting ta pin point like a laser beam.

Targeting can be done on criteria like measurable, substantial (like worth going after), should be easily accessible and actionable (should  able to use smartphones).

The clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers should evaluate the above criteria and should predict the growth and how much risk is involved

Do you want to have a mass targeting approach or a very costarred approach. We advice you to keep in mind 2-3 segments for targeting. So it is not too niche and results can be produced easily.

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