Is your Digital Marketing Company telling you these things?

Have you ever heard of a marketer talking about marketing funnel? Sounds weird for a healthcare professional, right? But this is how it is termed. We all do some kind of marketing; it maybe a prescription pad, a letter head, posting treated cases on social media. But is that enough?

Marketing is based on marketing funnel which is used to visualise where a consumer – in our case a patient – falls and then we find out strategies to encourage them to step up to fall into the next category. We have to come up with unique plan for each category into that funnel .

The first step is to create awareness about your service, it is specially for those who do not know that your Clinic exist. This is very different from people who know about your clinic, people who have visited your clinic and people who come to you for all healthcare advices. The marketing strategy changes for all these different categories.  How many of the digital marketing companies which charge a hefty bills actually follow this is the question to ask. They just follow their routine frame which they apply for all the business. That is just keep posting without being innovative.

Ideally your digital marketing company should help you in offline marketing as well and identify bottle necks in the funnel and how to remove those bottle necks so that the end of the funnel is much broader. It should also think of how a person who is receiving your service should also go for the other services your provide.

Does your digital marketing company knows about healthcare industry?

It is extremely important to know health service industry in and out to plan your marketing need. The main point is to get your roots deep down in to the sector to flourish your practice hence you should know which of the following strategies to implement from the following: Gain cost leadership, implement differentiation or use focus strategy. Cost leadership is grabbing a market share by positioning their services at a competitive rate. You have to come up with a solution to minimize the cost of operations.

In differentiation strategy we have to identify the points which are valued highest by the patients. The focus is on gaining superior performance and providing quality at every step. Another strategy is focusing on a very concise group of people, for instance homoeopathy in sports medicine. The clinic should do a very thorough research and then either go for cost leadership or diversification. Your service should either have lowest price or have a high perceived value or be best. 

It is very crucial to choose  a digital marketing expert who can integrate multiple marketing strategies use the tools as tactics and not merely follow a format blindly.

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