Outsource Hospital Administration And Management

outsource hospital administrator
Outsource Hospital Administration

Share your burden with us. We will stay committed to Administration and Management of your facility,

While you do the noble work of treating patients.

Often doctors who own hospitals having bed capacity of upto 40 beds try to manage both the clinical and non-clinical part all by themselves. This seldom leads to lack of focus on the clinical side ending up in having a stressed out situation.

Hospizellenz - A Hospital Administrator

The Issue

Hiring an administrator for a small size hospital can be a challenging job in terms of monetary perspective. When it comes to the workload this position may not have a workload which cannot be managed and definitely there is a spare time left. It is a situation where you can neither can hire a personal for administration nor can do everything on your own. On the other hand if you keep yourself away from appointing administrator for your facility you have burdened your self with lots of staff function responsibilities which are tend to be missed out when you have a busy schedule of taking care of patients. 

For instance, in the middle of treating a patient or while performing a procedure you realize that a license has to be renewed or the fire extinguishers are to be replaced you ask the staff to remind you again and it slips off from everyone’s mind and until the next time and then it is overdue.

When was the last time you stopped at your reception counter to check whether the registers are duly filled, whether the MLC register has been signed after notifying the case to the police? Do you remember how long it took for you to procure a new machine for your laboratory or operation theatre just because you could not allocate time for the schedule? That’s where the role of a hospital administrator comes. But taking someone on board to perform this job who will work fluently is a task and an important consideration is a financial constraint. We are here with a solution for all these problems to be taken care of. Hospizellenz will partly take care of your hospital administration and management side to let you work with a free mind. 

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Material Management & Procurement

Procurement and management of material are of the most neglected sections of hospital management. When you as a director are managing everything on your own there is a very high possibility of this part being under-estimated. When you implement a proper robust system for material management, the financial losses incurred due to the expiry of materials are drastically reduced. So a dedicated person has to be put on the job to oversee whether the stock checking is being done stringently.

Likewise, procurement is a one time process but it needs a dedicated time, as once a machine is bought it is difficult to get it replaced. So investments in materials require a lot of research hence, time is consumed to do the comparison. The most commonly used method is that at least take three quotations are to be fetched to buy any product so you can imagine or you must have experienced how long it takes to finalize a machine. When you outsource hospital administration and management to us we take care of procurement and material management as we implement the best solutions and make sure that these are exercised by your staff.

Quality Management

The most crucial factor that defines your services at large is quality. Quality is the perception a patient has after experiencing service provided by your staff. The patient starts experiencing it right from the reception of the hospital till the time of the discharge. You are paying your staff for the services they provide yet there is a lapse in the quality. The patient experience is not what they expected. This is because of the lack of motivation and training provided to the staff. Medication error, Hospital Acquired Infection, Wrong Surgery are a few to mention issues where there is an urgent need to train your staff. These lapses in quality can be avoided when the hospital administrator arranges timely training for the staff.

Another area in quality is compliance with different regulatory boards like BMW, AERB, Blood Storage License which has to be looked into carefully to avoid serious injuries. We cannot overlook grievances that occurred because they have a long-lasting impact on quality if not addressed within time. For hospitals that cannot accommodate administration personnel, we have come up with a solution outsourcing a hospital administrator.

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Operations Management

The operational activities include analysis and monitoring of workflow. In order to exercise a little organisational change it is important that the staff understands the need for such change and what difference it will make. The focus is on how the cost can be reduced and efficiency can increase. At times making a small change in the process of the work flow can save enormous resources being utilized for the process. Improving the smoothness of operations assures less wastage of time and money which in turn helps to generate more profits and highly satisfied patients and staff.

Hospizellenz helps you to go to the root cause of errors so that the exact cause of error is brought to notice and our administration and management solutions can  form a robust operational process by implementing business process re-engineering. 

Digital Marketing

In today’s era there has been a boom in the number of internet users due to ease in availability of cheap android operating gadgets. This has changed the face of marketing. A shift from traditional to the digital marketing. Once in a while almost every internet user looks for healthcare related information on Google, so we should take advantage of this pattern and boost your presence on internet. 

How can outsourcing digital marketing management for your hospital benefit you? You can easily skip the process of hiring someone for digital marketing. In cases where hospitals are medium sized full time digital marketing personnel is not required. You don’t have to pay a full time salary which helps to reduce the cost. Hiring us a hospital administrator we can take care of your digital marketing needs.

Why Our Administrative Services

When you connect with us we act as your hospital administrator during the period of contract. We have experts from the healthcare industry with relevant experience to advice us timely to take corrective measures. We conduct non-financial audits to keep a check on all the processes. We apply Plan Do Check Act Strategy in every process to provide a quality to work flow. At all points where we find lapse in the flow our hospital administrative services work on the root cause analysis. Our digital marketing services are dedicated to only healthcare industry. Our services are for those hospitals that need an administrator but due to economical constraint it is not possible to hire a dedicated personnel.

We carry periodical internal audits to uncover the deviations from the policies formed and take corrective actions. These audits are conducted by the experts from the industry.